If Your Dog Getting Enough Quality Time?

Why is Fido a “bad dog”?

You might be surprised. He might just need more time with his favorite person — you.

Our Pet’s Aren’t Purses

If you’ve seen any recent photo of a pop star, you’ve seen them prancing around with their designer dogs. They tuck them under their arm along with their designer purses.

While this closeness with their owner is good, quality time, all too often people just buy their designer dogs and then only hang out with them when it is convenient for them to.  They like to walk them when they know others will see them with their dog.  But they aren’t buddies with their dogs, and that is where the behavioral issues come in.

Sometimes it is hard to recognize the fact that we just purchased our pet to be another fashion accessory, but that’s the cold harsh truth. And somebody needs to say it.

Look closely at you and your pet’s relationship.  Are you friends?

Part Of The Pack

Our dogs are very much pack animals.  They love being around friends and family.  In the wild they are taught to follow the leader and to pull together for the good of the pack.

In the house, it is difficult for the pet to be helpful.  After all, it can’t really do the dishes.

But it is still critical for your pet to feel like a needed member of the family.  It needs to know that you want it around and that you enjoy playing with it.

A pet that is chained outside all of the time is not only lonely, it is getting the clear message that it is not a wanted member of the pack.  Often these pets act out, trying to get some type of attention from its “pack”.

Boredom Kills

dog playing with ballDogs are not as entertained by TV as we humans are.  They don’t follow the storyline quite as well. They don’t sit around daydreaming of being a superstar.

But their minds are very active.  They want something to protect.  They want to learn new things.  They want to be pleasing to their masters.

It is critical to come up with new ways to keep your dog cognitively engaged.   Whether that is obedience class, or teaching your dog to chase a ball.

Now, some dogs need more “entertainment” than others.  German shepherds, for example, get bored very easily.  Having something new and fun for them can really make a big difference in how happy of a pet they are.

It’s Tough To Make Time

I understand.  But, if you do take the time to become friends with your pet, you will quickly discover that they are the best friend you ever had. And it will be well worth making the time in your busy schedule for them.

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